Desktop, task manager missing all is hosed

lizzyfink - Jan 22, 2009 at 12:32 PM
 lizzyfink - Jan 25, 2009 at 11:56 AM

I recently removed the horrific spywareguard virus using malwarebytes (that was painful). Seemed to clean it out OK, until I rebooted. Now, my desktop won't appear, no matter what account I use, task manager doesn't show up via ctr / alt / delete, no start button, no nuttin! What do I do now? I have all of my windows install disks. but I don't know where to go from here?

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Hey Lizzy ,
I had the same problem. I also tried downloading Malware and adware and something that my IT guy at work suggested but nothing worked. I got on here by using the task manager new open desktop internet open/run. Anyways I downloaded Superantispyware because people on here were ranting and raving about it and IT WORKED! It got rid of the problem and I thought that my laptop was toast! Try it and you can google it first to check to make sure its legit. BUT IT IS.... and its FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPERANTISPYWARE.COM i hope that this helps!
yeah! I love that app! I have that too!! Only prob is I cant even get the task manager up to access it - All I get is a blank screen with my desktop image. No Task Manager, no buttons, nothing happens when I hit Ctrl alt delete - Same happens in safe mode. Grrr Viruses! Thanks for tip tho!
i have the same problumes
OK, After days of messing with it, I just went ahead and reinstalled windows XP. It cleared my C drive, but kept my d drive content intact (Which was Gr8!). THEN you have to go through installing all of your internet drivers manually again from the drivers CD. I still can't get my wireless adapter to work, but I can direct connect for now, so it isn't as pressing. If you don't have your original install disks, but bought your computer from Dell, they will send you ALL of your install disks for free - But only once. Try that and see if it works!