Screen divided into 6 small parts [Solved/Closed]

 sam -

HP Laptop Pavilion DV2000 screen divided into 6 small parts and blank at the center.

Please help!

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Option 1
  • When you switch ON your computer, start tapping the F8 key to get Windows Advanced Options (if boot menu appears, press Esc key and keep tapping the F8 key)
  • Select the option Safe Mode.
  • When the desktop appears, click on Start > Run > Type
    and press Enter.
  • Device Manager will be opened.
  • Expand Display adapters > right-click on your display adapter (Example : Display adapter may be Nvidia or VIA etc ) > select the option Uninstall > Restart your laptop.

Option 2
  • If the problem still exists then try connecting an external monitor to your laptop. Just look for the VGA connector ( there will be a monitor symbol ) in your laptop and connect it to the external monitor then switch ON your laptop.

Note: If you failed to get the display in external monitor, then use the proper combination keys (like Fn+F5/ the function key that's having the monitor symbol on it) to toggle between your laptop screen and the external monitor.

Check if are able to get a normal screen display in the external monitor or not.

Good Luck!
Thank you

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Awesome!! Thanks
> FrankyBoy
Hey..! Under the device adapter there is a Intel graphics driver...... So can u tell me.. Which on i have to uninstall on my windows 10 Sony Vaio...
Wow Thanks :) Still work.
I am able to get a normal Screen through the HDMI cable, however my laptop display is still split in 6 with the left side mirrored and the right side partially cut off...

I have completely reformatted my computer twice now and the problem is still not fixed. I believe it stemmed from me using the HDMI cable in the first place. I did uninstall the display drivers and that did not fix the problem either.

Driving me crazy! Any suggestions from here?
Thanks a lot. This helped a lot.

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