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Hello, I have a new HP desk top(about 5 months old). The screen is upside down.. This just happened yesterday. The ctl+alt+ up or down arrow key does not change the sreens apperance. are there any other suggetions out there that I can try. I am running windows vista.

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Right click on your desktop
select Graphics properties
within that you would get 4 options - select the Hot keys option
Within the hot keys check if there is anything written for Screen - 'Rotate to Normal'
The option present is the way to return the screen to normal
If no option is present then take our mouse over there and you will get a drop down menu
Selet the option from that and do the needful - ur screen will be okay.

Thank you

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Great answer vinay,thnku
Thanks so very much for your input. This worked for me. Happy Holidays
Thank you so much for this ! I was lost when rotating the screen with ctrl, alt ,arrow wouldn't work . Thank you !
thank you so much for this, i was struggling for hours and hours try to fix my screen, everything was upside down. May God bless you so much.
Control + Alt + Up or Dwn arrow worked for me....simple as that. Thank you.
very helpful. thank you
Lol I thought this was not going to work but It did YAY
I can't believe it was this easy
My cat did the same thing. I hate her
Thank you
You should be able to rotate the display by going into your graphic card's display properties. Not sure what you have but you should be able to find this in the control panel, choose the classic view.

type the shorkut alt+ctrl+up...note you must have he graphic card

yes it worked

None of the above worked for me. But this did: Windows10 Home - Go to "Settings", " System", "Display" and change the "Orientation" from "Landscape (flipped)" to "Landscape." Then click "Apply."
> This worked for me...
It worked. Thanks
for a Toshiba, try <ctrl> <shift> <r>.
I had to solve this for my brother.
OMW! what Vinay said worked PERFECTLY for me!!! THANKS SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! :) :) :) :)
It worked for me