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Hi I have a faulty conection on my vista drive, so i purchased a new drive to put vista back on it, but how do i copy all my software programs as alot of them are from the site give away of the day and also other programs i have downloaded which cannot be download again. also putting a lot of my other programs will take ages.

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Short answer is you can't. Programs need to be installed on the new computer. The manufacturer's don't want it to be easy to transfer programs from one drive/computer to another.

But, It's possible to "clone" the entire drive if it's still readable and you have the right hardware to connect both drive to the computer. You can find free cloning software on the Internet. That's the fastest wsay to put in a new drive.

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Thanks I thought perhaps that was the only way. In short i cant understand why Microsoft don't let you do this as this is the same computer, it was only my Vista does not restart from a shut down and my Sata connection to the drive is partially broken. I don't have a good connection so i wanted to put a fresh copy of windows on a new drive, and copy the program file structure to my new drive, then format my old drive and just use it for data now and again.