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 josh -
i was wondering if i could get a little help i keep getting a error saying i cant update my computer ive tried manually but i think my windows 7 was reinstalled wrong using a recovery disc and when i click on install update it says the service is not running and might need to restart the computer but how do i make it run because restarting my laptop doesnt work

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go to start and type this


Now check for '' windows updates service ''

Right click on the service and start.

If you get error again run this fixit on your PC


let us know if update works now
i tried that before i came to this site this is what i dont understand it says it is but when i try updating it says its not running and i cant go to a site to manually download updates i was told it might be missing a folder needed to updates like a temporary folder that the updates go in ???

ok,run the microsoft fixit again

Make sure to check mark '' RUN IN AGGRESSIVE MODE '' option and run it

Restart the PC and check if both windows update and BITS service is started

If you still face the same issue go to windows update in control panel,launch it and mention the actual error code that gets displayed.
wow i just found out the problem best buy replaced my hard drive and installed a smaller one which is a fail with restoring and backing up with sysytem image so i have to take it back to the store to be sent out for a new drive because most stores only carry 500 gb n mine was 640