COMPUTER doesnt power on and its not the PSU

causeswindle - Oct 26, 2011 at 12:15 PM
 causeswindle - Oct 26, 2011 at 05:58 PM

I dont know if this is the right place to post this but.... Im at a complete loss....

System configs:
CPU: Intel i7-970
Motherboard: Gigabyte G1 Guerrilla x58 Socket 1366
GFX Card: Radeon HD 6950
PSU: Corsair AX 850

Hi All- So here's my problem.

Came into the office and my computer wasn't starting up. The power was going but nothing was going to the monitor. Fans were running... the CPU fan was going crazy fast at first but then slowed down.

Here is what I did:

-Took off old heatsink paste put new thermal paste on - NOTHING
Bought a replacement Motherboard and installed and now.... NOTHING WILL START AT ALL. Not even the fans... not the CPU Fan... NOTHING

So now I have a bigger problem than before. Now nothing is working... So...

Here is what I did:

-Replaced the Motherboard yet again! So now I have three of the same motherboard... - NOTHING
-Put in the old mothboard that was at one point getting power to everywhere just no signal to monitor and now - NOTHING the old MB wont work either... I mean no power anywhere.
-So I tested the PSU with a paper clip and it runs fine.
-I switched the Reset and the PW switch to see if the switch was the problem - NOTHING

Im soooo exhuasted... this has been such a process... can anyone think of anything else??

Is the CPU screwed up?? Cables from the PSU?? I just am completely lost... I dont know why the old MB isnt at least getting power like before.

Oh and BTW The CPU looks fine... visually I cant see any damage.


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