Laptop fans whirr when turned on,-screen dark

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Saturday November 26, 2011
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November 26, 2011
 liz -
Hello, my ChemBook CL51 is old and gray, but should still work because it turns on, the fans whirr kind of fast, the LED power button is green, the screen is black then the fans slow WAY down. i need this fixed because i have ALOT of crap to catch up on it. theres the info of what it says because i dont understand it, because im 13: on the back, in the center, Windows XP Professiona OEM Software, other sticker on right says: CL51-15
Model: CL51 Rating: 19V === 3.16A,


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Hello! I just helped my friend with this issue! Ok ur computer is on hibernate/sleep mode. You must unplug your computer first and then remove battery . Leave battery out for about 30 seconds. Then put battery in wait 10 second pop out the battery again.wait 12 seconds put the battery back in and then plug your computer in . Now press the power button wait for it to turn on. Then a screen will come on stating that your computer wasnt properly shutdown. Then highlight the button that says proceed with windows program. And your computer should turn on as if nothing ever happened. Any issues please ask and ill help!!

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