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i have an xbox 360, my second one, and the first one didn't break, i just upgraded as i got a hd tv, i now have the black elite, with wi fi built in, i love xbox live, for 40 quid a year thats not much really, u can easily spend more than on a single game, i have played the PSN and would buy a ps3 only a can't afford one, and I'm a total gears of war nut, graphics wise i can see no major difference, yes the xbox does get a bit loud, but no system is perfect, and yes they can red ring, but its like anything, it will work fine if you look after it, give it room to breathe, and take out the discs when u are finish with them, it eliminates a lot of problems, i like both equally to be honest..... look were all gamers here so why can't we put these sillly differences aside and just do what we all love to do...... game? united we stand. divided we dammed.

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