Destructive / restore on Gateway

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I have tried a destructive/restore on my Gateway XP machine. It started about 12 hours ago, yet the screen is sttll telling me " Please wait..." with the Windows XP Logo on the screen.

How long should this take?
Is there an alternative at this time?

I have restore disk set, but I wanted a "clean start", as I had some booting anonmolies. Is there a way to restart using the disks if this is running in an endless loop?

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Pull the plug! This probably indicates that the hard disk is failing and needs to be replaced.

Good Luck
The "Restore" portion of the destruction/restore sequence worked, so the D partition on the hard drive is working, do it does not appear to be the hard drive.

I went back to the system restore option and reran it, again everything appeared to reload from the D partition that was supposed to... the problem is still the hanging up after the reloading.
Good idea, tho.

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