My Card Reader not Appears on My Computer

 Masdri -
Since my pc cannot help me for read my card reader , I never plug my micro sd on card reader. I'm using Smartphone to do that.

Because the problem is : many Card Reader cannot appears on My Computer.
When I plug it, my PC get respons with sound notification "device plug" , but there's nothing on "My Computer". My Card reader not appears on "My Computer" , like "Removable Disk " or "F" , etc. I didn't see it.

I'm using Windows XP SP3
Please help me ...

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Great answer...!
Million thanks........ for @jack4rall.

Its solving my problem now.......

Thank you....
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Try this 1

First check if you can see your Micro SD Card in the "Disk Management".

Click on Start --> Run --> Type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter.

"Disk Management" will be opened. If your Micro SD Card partition exists

then right-click on that partition --> Select the option "Change Drive Letter and

Paths" --> Click on the "Add" button and assign any drive letter to that partition

--> Click on OK.

Good Luck