WI-FI TV wont connect to Orange Livebox [Solved/Closed]

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Bought a Panasonic tv with viera connection allowing inbuilt access to internet. Followed instructions to connect to livebox using WEP ENCRYPTION but shows authentication error.
The available wireless networks shows livebox available. Have tried accessing by changing settings to WPA key. Pressed button 1 when trying to pair connection and even tried to set on Open basis. Tried removing Firewall, still didn't work.

Connected wired using ethernet cable and seems to work ok. Should I contact Orange to see if they are blocking connection for some reason
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Thank you
If your router is not too far from the TV, you should try first with a wired connection (Ethernet), in order to be sure that it could work. Then it will be time to go for wireless when it works !

Wired connection works ok. It would appear that I solved my problem by switching Livebox settings from WEP encryption to WPA key. Saved the change, switched back to WEP saved change and hey presto connection was successful