How to access Spectrum WiFi hotspots: login, in my area

How to access Spectrum WiFi hotspots: login, in my area

Spectrum Mobile offers customers free access to a network of WiFi hotspots. This is a great bonus that allows you to cut back on your data usage in your plan. Auto-connect to these WiFi hotspots is pre-set on Android Spectrum mobile devices. However, other devices must access the WiFi hotspots using the Spectrum Mobile app and in this article, we'll explain exactly how to do this.

How to auto-connect to Spectrum WiFi hotspots?

If you’re using a Spectrum Android device, you can easily connect to Spectrum WiFi hotspots automatically. By default, this feature comes enabled. To manage it, open your phone’s Settings, click Connections Settings, and then, select WiFi. Next, go to the WiFi Settings menu, followed by Advanced. Here, you will have the option to enable or disable Spectrum WiFi auto-connect.

How to connect to hotspots using the Spectrum app?

If you do not have an Android device and are using an iPhone, for example, you will need to use the Spectrum Mobile app to connect to the WiFi hotspots which you can download here.

Next, open the Spectrum Mobile app , and go to the Account tab. Click Install Spectrum WiFi Profile, and complete the instructions that appear. If you have an iPhone, you will be redirected to a mobile login page where you can complete the registration.

Upon completion, your device will be enabled to automatically connect to Spectrum WiFi hotspots. As a reminder, this will only work if the app is downloaded on your device. If you delete the Spectrum Mobile app, the hotspot connection will no longer work.

N.B. To find out more, visit the Spectrum Hotspot site.

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