IE9 and firefox too slow!

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 Baguilar - Sep 30, 2012 at 11:34 PM

Can someone help me please! I'm running Windows 7-64bit, My IE9 and Firefox suddenly runs very slow to load, but my Chrome is running okay. My PC has 2 users, Me as admin and the other one for my kids. What I don't get is, why their IE and Firefox works, and mine are very slow and sometimes don't load? I have Norton 360 as virus protection, so I don't know if my pc has virus. Please any help will be appreciated..thanks


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Sep 30, 2012 at 04:04 PM

You are using a Symantec product! I sort of feel sad for you. Norton 360 will indeed slowdown you machine considerably and yet is not as an efficiency security system as they claim.

You must take in consideration that the longer you surf the slower the browsers will slow down because more live memory is consumed. You install more ram, the system will run faster.

You can free live memory by regularly using such free (yes free) tool as CCleaner which you can download here:

Also, when you login as admin, certain programmes start in the background on boot and also consume memory.

You can use the following tool to identify and stop those unecessary applications from starting at boot time.

All of the above should increase browser and computer speed.

Let me know
Thanks Ambucias! Actually I downloaded already CCleaner few days ago because of this problem and always run it, I also bought RegZooka a week before, and downloaded the startlite (your 2nd link). I also deleted Java 7 and re-intalled Java 6-35 updates from Java website. Yes it's sad that I still have 2 years of Symantec Norton, but my 2 browser works perfectly a month or so that I don't know what happened, and the fact that my other user's (Family user) ie and firefox works, but not my Admin user. I was going to Restore from Previous Date it last night but to my dismay the back-up file is missing from my portable Hard Drive. So the problem is still there and don't know what to do.