How to fix a lagging PSP, PPSSPP

How to fix a lagging PSP, PPSSPP

If your PSP is too slow or lagging during certain games or functions, it may be due to the fact that the CPU speed has been reduced. It often happens when using custom firmware. Read on for the solution.

Solution to PSP slowdown issue

PSP (PlayStation Portable) is a portable version of the Sony PlayStation console, which was produced till 2014. If you play on PSP and it slows down, then you must set the CPU speed to 333.

  • To access the CPU setting, turn on the PSP holding the right trigger button.
  • Go to CPU speed
  • Then on UMD/ISO speed and press the x button several times to obtain 333.

How to make the PPSSPP simulator run smoothly?

To allow gamers to play PSP games on mobile phones, tablets, PC, MacOS and other devices, a free PPSSPP emulator was created, which gained quite a lot of popularity.  To make the games your play with PPSSPP run smoothly and without lags, we recommend the following settings:

  • In the Graphics Settings, enable Lazy Texture caching
  • In the same Settings, disable Slower Effects and set Upscale level to Auto.
  • Set Lower Resolution for effects to Aggressive.
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