TV-Wonder HD 650 PCI "No tv tuner device&quot

Sp00ki3 - Feb 9, 2009 at 07:45 PM
 Xearo167 - Jan 16, 2010 at 01:16 PM
This card came with the Remote Wonder Plus.

So its a ATI TV Wonder HD 650 PCI with Remote Wonder Plus.

I got this at Best Buy a few months back and it worked great when I 1st put it in.

I then had to format and couldnt get it to find channels just static, I couldnt figure out the issue so I just left it as is uninstalled and removed the card putit back int he box but never got around to returning it.

Here I am again another format or 2 later and trying to get this thing to work again. This issue has happened twice this beign the 2nd time. I put the card in Windows sees it as a "PCI Device" finds new hardware. I install the software on the CD run CMC it says "No tv tuner device" when I click TV.

I update the drivers reboot get the same thing and windows still sees it as new hardware "PCI device". I checked my device manager and its in there as a yellow ? ! "PCI Device". Tried to install with windows new hardware wizard that couldnt find anything.

Does anyone know whats up with this? is there something Ive done wrong?

This samething happened to me before and I thought since it was a new install of windows with SP3 I would be good to go but im not.

Also I have tried reinstalling all the software/drivers and removing re seating/installing the card it self.


Windows XP Pro SP3

MSI K9A2 CF-F AMD 790 Socket AM2+ Motherboard

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ 2.8ghz

Radeon HD 3870 (9.1 drivers)

2gigs Ram

LG 22in LCD Monitor.

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well I got Windows to recognize it and got it installed now.

I uninstalled SP3
Uninstalled all drivers and software for the card.
Shut down and removed the card.
Rebooted ran CCleaner on registry and files
shut down put the card in attached cable
booted up installed drivers software and now it sees the card...

but now I have another problem its trying to grab channels but they are static and messed up so the card does not see them as real channels.
I have the Same issue with my ATI TV wonder Pro... But windows installs it fine every time.... o.0 this did not happen until they stole cable outside my apt and cable company had to rewire everything... The issue is not the cable.. I HOOK it up at my aunts house and same issue.. It wont even work with a cable box (Outputs to channel 3 NTSC) but composite hook up and s-video work perfectly.