Error 7 with xp installation

jax - Feb 12, 2009 at 02:50 AM
 rich - Jul 22, 2013 at 11:32 PM
I have a pentium 4 running windows xp pro. Windows had a serious error so I ran setup to reinstall windows. Then after the 1st restart,setup have me a error: file setupdd.sys could not be loaded. The error code is 7. Press any key to exit. But my keyboard's not working...i cant even choose any options on start up...please help. Thanx jax

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Had the same problem. Easely solved due to 2 DDR ram chips that would NOT talk together.
Try too remove one of them, it helpt me
I have PIII system... with 128 RAM . After some time I extended it's RAM to (128 + 512) = 740 MB by placing a 512 RAM along with 128 mb. Doing this I noticed some inprovemnet in speed. Suddenly before 2 weeks it starts to give a messgae of missing file, so I decide to format the same . But as I was having some important family pics in that particular partition , I remove the hard disk and mde it slave to another system. I picked important files and format the partition.
After this I set tghis hrd disk to the first PC . But could not install aafter repeatitive efforts due to this ERROR 7 ... I arranged another XP CD this time error was ERROR4 ... ... I could not understand what to do to resolve it....... suddently I remembered about a discussion board on net .. I searched and found the solution.

Finally I removed newly installed 512 RAM .. and installed XP very smoothly... Now my PC is OK .. Now I am planning to replace the RAM as it is in warranty period ... :-)
Apr 7, 2009 at 08:01 AM
I am currently working this same problem out with a laptop.
When I received the laptop, the HDD was fried.
I replaced the HDD, ran some scans to make sure the HDD was efficient, and began my install of Windows XP Professional. The laptop the HDD came out of had a copy of XP Pro on it when I began, but gave me BSOD before Windows began to load.
My first thought was, just some random error. I'll worry about it later. (error code 7)
I began doing research, and I strolled across archives of forums with the same problem, almost all of them saying, "check your RAM". I've never worked on laptops before, so I'm new to these problems. I'm not sure if this is a laptop only problem. Its not uncommon for the desktops I work on to have bad ram. I'm not sure what this person managed to do to fry both the HDD and the RAM at the same time, but here I am.
One forum I found linked me to . They said make a boot disk from this website and run the tests to make sure all is in order. It will take some time, unless you receive errors immediately. Any errors will lead to a bad set of RAM.
I will be testing this problem when I get home and will keep you updated on my progress.

Feel free to e-mail me if you need more help.
I also suffered by the same problem And I removed one of my ram card and reboot worked without any problem.This problem is common for both laptop & desktop computers.
Thank You!!
yes it is the memory to comferm others comments
SIR MY CPU DELL 620 SHOWS CODE ERROR 7. sir what I do please tell ma I am very thanful to you
I had the same problem. Bios update and memory replacement didn't help so I started taking everything apart and noticed that both DVDROM jumper setting were set to slave. As soon as I changed jumper to Cable Select on one of the DVD drives I was able to install XP.

I hope that helps.


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I have a spare computer with a 10gb hardrive but you cant do much with that so replaced the 10gb hardrive with the dell hardrive, the plan was to completely reinstall windows using the dell hardrive.

I connected the hardrive to the computer and changed the BIOS to run from cd (mesh computer recovery cd). After a couple of minutes of the Windows Setup screen the following message appeared:

Windows XP Home Edition Setup

the following list shows the existing partitions and unpartitioned space on this computer.

Select an item in the listen
1. to set up windows xp press enter
2. to create a paritition in the unpartitioned space, press c
3. to delete selected partitition press D.

The box below showed that there are all 'unknown disks'

I pressed enter to set up windows xp and the blue screen came up with the following error:

Setupdd.sys: Page_Fault_In_Nonpaged_Area

Does anyone know any solutions to this?
I had the same problem but the ram was ok. It turned out to be a bad CD burner. Eventually found it by disconnecting each device and restarting with the boot CD on the good drive.
removing one of memory RAM is true!haha,thanks.
Usually it has to do with the bios if the bios boot setup is set to user