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 RestlessMonk -
in my computer when I apply show hidden files and folder it wont show my folder and autmatically the radio button is selected to the do not show hidden files and folder. how can I fix this problem?? plx help

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use any antivirus to remove the virus firs.
( this virus change regedit value to "0" or delete the DWORD key thats only wen u change the folder view option dost show the hidden folder and files.)

1. go to run(winkey+R).
2. type regedit.
3. go that path:- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\
4.Look at the CheckedValue key( in right side).This should be a DWORD key. If it isn't, delete the key. Create a new key called "CheckedValue" as a DWORD (hexadecimal) with a value of 1.
5. now u open the hidden file and folder.

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Thank you

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thank u so much..
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thanks.... it works
Thanks Buddy. It's really working
So, I tried 'running' "regedit as you'd asked me to... but after I hit "Enter" this window appears for like, two seconds and then closes on itself. I don't get a chance to enter the path, at all.
Also, I had clicked pics from my camera onto a memory card. When I tried transferring them onto to the computer, the photos simply disappeared. This is extremely frustrating and it drives me mad. Is this because of the same kind of virus? Or what? How do I go about fixing this? I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me fix this. Like, you have no idea how relieved I would be to be able to fix it.
Any kind of help is highly appreciated. Thank you.
RestlessMonk, indeed.
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You may have caught a worm!

This thing is called the "Kido Worm" , "Downadup" and "Conficker." It began in Oct. 2008 but in December it evolved into a Superworm. Its ability to thwart any attempt to delete it and to spread via USB devices is confounding.

There is a lot of info out there if you Google these names. It is an interesting Worm as it seems to disable every defense before the victim can even launch a counter attack. It disables system restore, shuts off Microsoft updates, blocks Antivirus updates, hijacks the browser (Safari, Explorer, Chrome and Firefox) and finally it downloads more malicious software as it goes. It is impossible to give one set of instructions to remove the Virus as it is different on every machine.

The latest variant of the worm now lets it spread via thumb drives. It operates by copying itself in a random folder created inside the Recycler directory, which is used by the Recycle Bin to store deleted files, and creating an autorun.inf file in the root folder. The worm executes automatically if the Autorun feature is enabled.

Certain TCP functions are also patched to block access to security-related Web sites by filtering every address that contains certain strings. This makes it harder to remove because information about it is difficult to gather from an infected computer. Additionally, the sneaky little worm removes all access rights of the user, except execute and directory usage, to protect its file. Microsoft has created a removal tool for this worm, but if you are infected you must find an uninfected computer to download Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool.

See the following link: http://www.microsoft.com/protect/computer/viruses/worms/conficker.mspx

If you have the Kido/Conficker worm you will no be able to link to the above link.

Microsoft states,
"If your computer is infected with the Conficker worm, you might be unable to download certain security products, such as the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool or to access certain Web sites, such as Microsoft Update. If you can't access those tools, try using the Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner. If that doesn't work, read the following Microsoft Help and Support articles on an uninfected computer. "

My advise is to get the removal tool on a brand new/clean USB device from another computer and then load it onto your computer. The surprising thing is that this thing started in Oct. and already has infected 12.9 million computers. Microsoft has offered a 250K reward to help catch the culprits that created this worm.

Hope this helps,

Hi Keifer,
It seems that the sneaky worm u described is in my system.just as u said it won't allow any updates,like I installed qiuckheal AV just yesterday but it wont get updated.do u recommend me change my AV kit.how abt latest AVG AV kit.and also I don've any uninfected computer or friends to help cos I live in a remote place.Will u plz help me or give any more suggesion...thanks anyways...
If we selecte the radio button “Show hidden files and folders” and then press Ok.. the changes would just disappear upon opening the dialog again. It was probably some virus attack after which the Windows registry was not being updated properly .For solution visit link below

1)open "RUN".
2)type "cmd",press enter.
3)go to the directory where u hide ur files.
4)type in that directory as follows "attrib -a -s -h "your hidden file name",press enter.
you can see ur hide files
hi all,
first of all thanx to all the genius guys helping out without any lust.

what if i've forgotten the name of the folder I hid using "attrib +a +s +h path of the folder " from command
please help me out of it. the folder contained some really important files, but now I don't remember the name of the folder.

thanx in advance.

hey dude great great great.... yo da best... mwwaaaa..... thanx... its working... great..
that was cool dude

its working
I used "attrib -a -s -h"

At first I thought I had that psycho worm (paranoid) so I went and downloaded the additional softwares for detection and removal... 2 hours later my system was checked as clean. A little relieved, I still couldn't show all hidden files... so I tried changing the registry and that helped. I'd still recommend downloading the softwares from MS to be doubly sure. Follow link from Kiefer. Thanks to all!!

South Africa
definitely some sort of infection that has affected your registry. impossible for us to fix, but easy for http://www.fixedlikemagic.com

i definitely recommend saving yourself the time and effort and letting them fix the matter for you..
no virus in my system but not working show hidden file& folder
my problem is slightly different....

I use Hide Folders software to hide some stuff. My PC was hit by a malware and I cleaned it up.....in the process the software was also deleted....now the files which I had hidden are unable to be found....when I searched and got 1 folder, the folder size is showing 4 GB, but whn I open the folder, its empty.....have tried all the options mentioned. WHen I copy the file to another drive, I can see all the files in that folder are being copied as well....but when I open the folder in another drive also, n othing is seen in it....

can anyone help?
> Gnair77
Dear brother

Most of the programe that hide files and folder do not work in Safemode unless you enable Safemode
Protection from the programe options.So if you did not enable Safemode Protection of your programe then
you could access the required contents of the folder in Safemode.

I have tried this trick on folders hiden by HideFoldersXp software it could be handy for you aswell.

Pray for me.

I spent a lot of time to find out the solution.Nothing works.Finaly I find out this one .Check out this.

thanx dada....it is somethng great....
it worked!!!!!!! You rock!!
I used the checkedvalue thing and modified the decimal to 1. from 0.

hey thanks a ;lot dear
itr realy works
thank u once again
thanksssssssss computer bosssssssssssss
Thanks alot...Its worked great.Your are the man.
thanks a lott.............................
i CANT open MY registry FROM TYPINg regedit in RUN!!!ERROR COMES UR registry is DISABLED PLZZZZZZ HELp me now WHAT can I DO!!!I JUST HIDE MY folders by software names hide folder and than PROBLEM OCCURED IN software now I cant SEE my FILES AND FOLDERS PLz help!!!
Hallo again

Another thing I forgot to ask
If my system was clean to begin with, why would the registry have been changed like that?
Excuse my ignorance, I haven't been involved with such things before.

I spent a lot of time to find out the solution.Nothing works.Finaly I find out this one .Check out this.

Go to this link n from that page right click the link of that page and select save linked content as ..
Save the registry entry.After u saved the registry key just double click thats all. lol...........

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