Create whole system back up and restore

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Create whole system backup

Dear All,
Let me try to ask you but i am not sure, my question, wonder will make you clear or no?
I have a computer installed most important program but i am always scare of the windows or hard disk drive will become crush at one day so everything
in computer will die.

Here is my questions:
-Do we have any ways to make whole system and installed program in this computer back up?
-How we back up whole ? how do we restore if that computer crush? if we make restore, what is the requirement that needed?
-Will the restoration working well as the original?
-What program that profesional for this task?
-If we work at Company as IT support, should we do all client's machine back up or no?

please explain me, i am alitle experien on this

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Jul 25, 2013 at 09:01 AM
Typically in a corporate environement, you have ghosts. You build one machine and ghost it. Once you need another machine in production, or one breaks, you re-ghost it.

In my honest opinion, you have very complex problems (on the surface), but anyone with an HONEST IT role, would already have those Industry STANDARD PRACTICES in place.

As far as the whole back up goes, you shouldn't ever worry about the client machines, as the files they use should be in a central locale that gets backed up dialy, with the media changed out, for a seven day cycle of media. Once a week a scheduled pick up should be in pace to take that weeks worth of data off site(in the event of fire flood).

So, be prepared for a seperate resource to act as backup manager, with a high end media writer.