Hello guys, my question is about developing VOIP application

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am student computing, and am about to prepare my first project which is creating an application using programming
the application am aiming to develop is VOIP from pc to mobile and the contrary
so wht am asking you guys is to give me ur thoughts and ideas and help me by ur suggestions coz i wanna add new option(s) tht can be useful in VOIP applications
i will be so thankful if u can guys help me out with ur brilliant minds

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Feb 26, 2014 at 04:17 PM
Ok, well, what is the transport of the hardware in which you are connecting?

IP to IP is easy. TDM TO TDM IS easy. TDM to IP, not so much. You will need a "socket" to convert the "stream".

Voice communication is really just that, voice communication. New options for VOIP are limited, as it must adhere to networking standards, and there is not much more to advance on the theory of "get the first word routed and recevied before the second one"....and so on (so that you can perceive an intellegent message).

If you really want to do something great, make it work on my tv, and I speak into my remote, so I can VOIP the next room and tell them to pick up the phone!

Have fun!