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Hello, my keyboard is pretty messed up for my on msn or any other sites I visit besides this site my "?" buttin shows me and "e" when I press it im unsure how to fix this so I ask you on all my other sites I go on when I need to put a question mark I have to use "shift" "6" and that brings up my "?"

Any Help?


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holld control on the left side and shift on the will fix your issue
Thank you

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thank you!!
Thank you soooooo much!! I hate when this happens!!
WOW that's it!?!?! Thanks!!!
Yes it worked. Hold control on left & shift on right.
// is back.

Thank you
thank you!!!!!!
Left Alt+Shift switches between input languages
I had similar problems with my HP Notebook.

The solution was to hold down the ctrl+fn and TAP right shift key. The tapping is important. I tried several times by holding down the right shift key and it did not work.
wow that was easy thanks

omg genius!!!!!
thank you so much..i wasted 3 hours trying to figure out what was wrong..almost was about to replace the keypad.saved me a few grand. god bless you
Back to square onE...HELP PLS N anD B conTROL THE CAPS LOCK
press control shift.
If you are on a Mac, this is what you do:

Click on the apple in the upper left corner of your screen.

Select System Preferences

Select International

Click on Input Menu

Then select the language you want, ie: American or whatever.

That should do the trick!

Good Luck!!!
At first you do not need to format your Hard Drive at all for the sake of this little problem.

Go to control panel of your system then move to keyboard and check the language setting including the layout.

Solution to correct error of é appearing in document instead of correct symbol / in microsoft word 2000.
Your help was greatly appreciated.
You wrote "Hold control on the left side and shift on the will fix your issue."
Now when I press / I get / as a result in Microsoft word instead of the result é .
Thank you very much.
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Most often a blessing though.
thank you!
Thanks so much Jimbobjoe! This was driving me crazy.
I have the same problem but instead, I sometime get an e with an accent when I want quotation marks
for windows8:
1.switch to control panel language option on united kingdom or other that u have installed on add input method english(indian)
6.under advance settings(left side) of language home screen change language bar hot keys. can keep this icon in the taskbar.
8 from the taskbar select english(indian) option
9.then u are done