HP v210w pen drive is not working on my computer

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I have a 32GB HP pen drive that was working fine for 5 days. One day when I scanning an antivirus software then Suddenly the pen drive is not showing on my computer and also I received an error code: Device status "This device cannot start. (Code 10)", but it is howing on "Devices and Printer" section. So, can you please help me to fix the problem and way to show it on my PC ?
My operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate... 64bit, and my pen drive model is HP v210w .

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Mar 13, 2014 at 06:50 AM
This type issue could be caused by a USB virus. It will spread to all of your USB memory devices and hard disk.

Here is a tool to remove the virus and vaccinate your USB against further viruses.

Download UsbFix (created by El Desaparecido) on your desktop.


If your antivirus gives an alert, ignore it and temporarily deactivate the antivirus.
Plug in your usb devices (Flash drive, pen drive. External HD etc...) don't open them.
Double click sur UsbFix.exe.

Click on deletion
Let the tool work.

Moderator/virus security contributor

At the end of the scan a report will show which you can copy and paste here..

The report is save at the root ( C:\UsbFix.txt ).

You can also vaccinate against any virus.