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I have ATT/Yahoo email, when I go to print my message from the upper left (file) I will go to print preview, and all I get is a header with boxes ( inbox, contacts, calendar), and that's what prints. it is not the printer cause I just installed a new one and the same thing happens. This does not happen on Gmail.

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OK, so what does your service provider say about this? You are paying for the service, so see if they can assist you in printing out your email. Try going to print preview, and select "each frame seperatly". See if that makes a difference.

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I'll second that motion!
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I am wishing Fuzz would not have used profanity, as I agree!
Service is ATT/Yahoo, Att can't help, can"t get through to Yahoo. It works fine on my Gmail account, but not with that stricken Yahoo.

Please member, Yahoo is not going to do anything about it. I would lean on your ISP, as they are partnered with Yahoo, and they are the ones that will see you go away, not yahoo.
they don't know what the problem is either, they switch me to India and you know how that goes.