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hey there,
I have an hp j3680 inkjet printer. It not printing black although both cartridges are new. I just bought it last month and after some days its not working what do you advice me ?

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Brother MFC-290C not printing black ? (or any other color for that matter)

REAL Solution (If the 'cleaning' option didn't work)

1. Get one of those COMPRESSED AIR CANS.
2. Remove all cartridges.
3. hold the air can nozzle tight to where the ink is drawn from.
4. blast away (Some spray-back is expected so hold some tissue or something over everything so that you don't get ink dots all over your face.

That's the only thing that worked for me.
Thank you

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Thank you so much! This worked for me, the printer I have is a Brother MFC-240C. Actually I blew into the cartridge myself but it still works anyways thanks again!
thanks, still did not work
Best advice ever!!! Thank you so much
Thank you, this worked!

Print a self-test page
1. Make sure the printer is on and loaded with unused, plain, white paper.
2. Press the * and # keys at the same time and then press 1, 2, and 7 .
3. Press the Right-arrow key to select Reports and then press the OK .
4. Press the Left-arrow key and select the vpp self test . The test page prints.
That will help narrow down the problem. If it prints black on the test page, we know it is something to do with the software.
I just did that and it didn't print any black. Blank page. What could it be?? I have an HP C6180.
go 2 preferences>color>and select greyscale >it is sumwhere der only!!!!
try to shake the will work surely cause ive tried it....send me back if its true...

I think Ur Printer Setting has Been Different from Default.

Using Printer Catlog u hav to Rectify this Problem 0n Ur Printer.....

change the ink and clean the head