Please help: My computer is infected - won't let me do ANYTHING

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I have Toshiba Qosmio laptop that got a virus or something yesterday. I can't do anything. I can't run my SpyHunter, I can't get in Safe Mode, I can't open any files, I can't restore, and I can't go on the Internet. I tried following this:

But it doesn't work. I can't open Malwarebytes even from the flash drive. The Rkill thing didn't stop it. My computer turns on & off at will. Especially when I try to open either SpyHunter or Malwarebytes.

Please help me. I'm NOT good with computers, so I'll need detailed instructions please. I'm very upset about this. Any help is appreciated! Thank you.

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Apr 24, 2014 at 11:42 AM

download here:

and saves it on your desktop. ( the file is ~ 310 MB it's normal)

launch it, then ,

selects if you wish to create a Live CD or Live USB stick


If cd:

wait a few seconds and then writing software will open

insert a CD in your drive and then click " BURN ISO "

(normally the file to burn is already selected )

if USB :

insert a USB key in a holder ( minimum 512 MB)

The installation may take 1-2 minutes

Iso to USB opens , click on "Browse" and selects " Win7Rescue.iso " that is placed on your desktop.

choose the corresponding letter to your usb key below , and leave the default file system .

checks the " Bootable " box , then click burn, then answer "yes" to the following two messages.

a window will warn you that the operation was successful.

Once completed, ejects the key PC and then inserted into the diseased pc .


you will need a wired keyboard , without the son does not work on the bios

then change the startup of your PC by putting the patient first boot cd in the bios

how to do? :

start the patient on the pc cd or usb key

Lets make up the full desktop display

FirefoxPortable normally allows you to come read more

Lance Pre_Scan located on the desktop

selected in the window that opens, the installation windows corresponding to patient folder ( c: \ windows or d: \ windows or ..... ) click the windows folder then click ok

to the question Do you wish to load remote user profile ( s) for scanning? = > Yes

check the " Automatically Load All Remaining Users box ? " And click OK

The tool will automatically detect the operating system installed and you see a window like what it will start , then the scan will start

It may be that you have an error message in XP to a lack of RAM click OK continue scanning

In the end, Pre_Scan stop ext ratio in the disk <Cross Button> \ Pre_Scan \ Pre_Scan_Live \ Pre_scan_Live_the_date_and_time .

Host the report on Speedy Share and paste the link :

Do not restart the PC normally immediately it will perhaps be a manual removal to be done before