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In a effort you keep you guys challenged. And obviously improve my VBA writing skills...I really appreciate all the responses I have had up date.

I am trying to add a formula to a cell, after a macro has run..

The formula is going into Cell B49 on worksheet "Front Sheet"

The formula is "=if('Not Resolved'!A2=Logged!$B$1, 'Not Resolved'!A2,0)

I cant put the formula prior to macro running as it is insert additional column to some a sheet, which then changes the above cell reference in the formula

Basically I am trying to do is get the unique reference for rows of data so the Vlookup (which is in another cell

I think this is a long winded way to do what I really want ... but as they say its size chunks all part of my learning.

Many Thanks In advance


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Debs, you never cease to amaze!

There is a command to update the worksheet, like .calculate, or .fullcalculate. Try this one though:
ActiveSheet.EnableCalculation = False
ActiveSheet.EnableCalculation = True

Let us know!