Conexant audio device wont install [Closed]

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Hello, one day when i turned on my laptop, i could hear a difference in the sound like it sounded lower than normal. i tried everything to fix it back, but nothing worked. then i went online and downloaded the conexant audio device, i opened it and after a while it would say that it failed to install. it said that there is no audio device on my computer. i kept trying over and over but it does the same thing. there is this red x on the volume icon and it says no audio output device is installed.

i need help asap! no music wont play and videos wont even open!

i have a Toshiba windows 7 laptop

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Can you click start > right click Computer and select Manage.

go to device manager and look under audio.

you will see a triangle next to your audio adapter.

can you try just right clicking it and installing drivers automatically to see if windows detects it.

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