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sam - Mar 10, 2009 at 05:55 AM
 sam - Mar 11, 2009 at 05:18 AM

I'm basically looking for a helping hand in making a little batch script. What I need is for it to modify the file modification time of a given file (static) every five minutes and ONLY if the file exists. I would also like it to either run in the background and/or be invisible - i.e. no command window. That's it. The computer in question is running on Windows XP SP2 and the drive is a WD Passport if that matters.

If you're wondering why I need this, it's because the WD Passport is connected to my media center and it keeps falling asleep, which is a pain because I can't seem to wake it up remotely. The solution I have now is dependant on a second computer (my laptop) and a quick and dirty PHP script with crontab triggering it. I want something that can survive on it's own.

Thanks in advance!

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Couldn't see anything immediately that would fit my needs.... and even if I did, it'd probably be a lot of overkill using a full flown GUI application. I just need something equivalent of:

if(file_exists('/Volumes/EEE-320GB/KEEPALIVE.txt')) {

and for it to happen every 5 minutes with no command window popping up.
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there are some softwares that can do the job for you.
try this link to see if they correspond to what you are searching for: