How do I not get the sum of a column when it contains text?

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 RayH -
Hello All, I have an excel file in which I am adding the numbers of a column, but sometimes the column I am summing may have text in one of the cells instead of a number, when this occurs I want the 'sum formula cell' to show "error".

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Create a module and paste this in code for a custom function:

Public Function newsum(rng As Range) As Variant
Dim t As Variant
Dim c As Range

For Each c In rng
If Not IsNumeric(c.Value) Or c.Value = "" Then
    Err = True
    Exit For
End If
    t = t + c.Value

If Err Then
    newsum = "Error"
newsum = t
End If
End Function

In Excel, use it by entering in the cell:


It will return "Error" whenever a non-numeric value or a blank field is in the range otherwise the total is displayed.