DVD/CD Not working?!

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Hi Folks!
Iam new to the forum.I have a strange problem where my DVD writer is listed in my device manager & my computer but doesn't read any type of DVD/CD.Microsoft advices to delete upperfilters & lowerfilters in HKLM registry but I couldn't find the keys.Is this a hardware problem or software problem?I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver but of no use.I tried Microsoft fixit but couldn't as the drive could not read any dvd/cd.Any help will be appreceated.I use vista home premium.

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OK what OS? It used to work right? Have you tried both cd's and DVD's?
Windows Vista Home Premium.Tried both DVD/CD to read and write but the drive says no media detected.It used to work fine but not working now.

I will be honest, a dvd R/W is about $20us. It might be worth going to a PC store and picking one up. They are very simple to replace.