A Network Cable is unplugged [Solved/Closed]

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Hello, yesterday this message popped up and is annoying me! Anyway here is the situation, my laptop which is a mac that connects via airport connects to my internet wirelessly without any problems. However, my Windows PC shows the error message 'Local Are Connection 4 a network cable is unplugged'. Now everything is plugged in properly so what can I do to fix this problem? Any ideas would be amazing. Thank you
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I Facing Same Problem.I use this trik & my Problem resolved

Thank you, Anand 24

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Start > right-click on 'Computer' > Manage > Device Manager > open network adapters, right click and open properties on your adapter > advanced tab > look for 'Link Speed & Duplex' and change value to '100Mbps Full Duplex
This worked, thank you.
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Have a look at this, it may also help you :
http://ccm.net/faq/sujet 1408 quot a network cable is unplugged quot
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* Media State Disconnected
* Ethernet Cable ubplugged

I have had the same problem and spent days scouring Google and trying any suggestion that I could find. Last night I found a post from 2002. It seemed ridiculous but I gave it a shot. PROBLEM SOLVED.

1.) Shut dowm your PC.
2.) Unplug the power cord.
3.) If you have a laptop, remove the battery as well.
4.) Walk away from the problem for at least 30 minutes.
5.) When you return, reconnect battery and power cord.
5.) Start as usual.
6.) If this solves the problem, take 20 minutes and post this to all of those message boards that you didn't find the solution to.

This fix appears to work for any OS/MOBO/NIC.

What causes it? I don't know.

Have a great day! :)
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I signed up to thank you. After looking all over trying other things it worked
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jus shutdown your pc, pull out the power cord, the monitor cable and the ethernet cable.. leave it as such for 5 mins then reconnect everyting.. this wil work.. works for me most of the time,
the reason for this as far as I know is the incorrect earthing ..that reflects mostly on the ethernet card ...

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If you don't use it, you might try to deactivate your local area connection (is it the Ethernet one ?) so that it doesn't complain anymore.
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Having the the same problem, when I contacted my broadband network, they told me I had a corrupt media board, not being computer literate, I don't have a clue to what this is, I feel like he knew less than me, so just said the first thing that came into his head, and believe me I have tried everything that they told me to do. I even undid all the cables and put them back, don;t want to reinstall windows xp as I don't want to lose what is on my computer and don't want to risk putting it on disk in case I lose it anyway, next step, put computer in for repair and see if they can find anything wrong.