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Hoping someone can help:

My ASUS A6403KM notebook does not power up. When I turn the power on the lights come on for quick second and then automatically shuts down. Ive tried taking the battery out and then turning on same thing happens. Ive also tried taking battery out and mains and pressing power button 3 times (as per ASUS support center advice) and replugging in mains power and still same problem. ASUS service centre suggested montherboard needs complete removal (he is 99% sure did not open the laptop or anything! - very pricy this option). Im hoping someone can offer some alternative advice on what they believe the cause is or how I can reticify the problem.



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I had the same thing occur with my Acer 5520 Notebook. The green charge light was on but when I pushed the power switch nothing happened. I did some research on the internet and this is what I did that solved the problem:

I removed the battery and unplugged the power supply. I then held down the power button for 45 seconds. I then reinstalled the battery and the power supply and pushed the power button and voila it worked. I did have to try it a couple of times before it woorked but all is well now.
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Thanks. My ASUS 5 went dark while watching a DVD. Your tip got me back up and running.
i have a dell inspiron mini 10 and the charger works but it wont charge my laptop and I tied this a cupple of times but it wont work........what dop I do?
pretty sure I love you buddy.
I owe you my life.
My ASUS laptop will not power up at all ?
and is there something I should know or how could I test to see if I need a new bettery or power cord ?
This is a new Windows 7 BIOS issue. All makes are having this on average once every 4 - 5 weeks. For now, deal with removing the battery for 20 seconds and then press and hold the power button down when you re-install the battery. DO NOT uninstall & reinstall any drivers or the BIOS.
i have the same prob. I sometimes have to leave it plugged in and it can take up to half the day before the orange light on the computer well come on and then I can power up the computer. The little green light on the power cord box shows green from the start though. I ave an old acer and yes I had prob with the cd player. Lots icon and everything.
take out the battery and then hold the power button for 10 sec or more then plug your charger in and it should turn on
Hello! I am also having problems with my Asus K40IJ-VX092 Laptop, the laptop wouldnt start up, and the lights were there for a few quickly seconds,.. Hope that the company will invistigate on this problem...
I have a tos, that light on but no one at home, no boot or anything, read your hold button fix tried it ,it didn"t work
put power back on held button 45sec power off, hold button, 45.sec still no avail?? did this 3 times and
AWAY WE GO!!!!!!!!!! I just can"T believe it a million thanks from me(and from a lot of others too)
I have a Gateway (Acer) NV5820u, and a similar problem occurred when I came back from summer class and I had power light on but the battery is dead and no boot-up and display is off. I have tried this technique but doesn't work. I think that if the battery is dead (due to not powering the light on by iteself) but still powers the power light with the power cord attached then it has to do with the battery. This laptop is only 6-months old and I'm disappointed.

If anyone has an idea then let me know.

I took a can of compressed air, blew the fan and there was some dirt on the battery from my cat that I got off locked the battery back in place and the laptop was fixed, my mom will be happy to hear that her laptop is fixed!

i tried taking the battery out and holding it upside down while pushing the power button for 30 seconds it woreked!!
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i tried that. its the same.
Well, I tried this, and at first, it didn't work...I tried it a few times, and then I left the battery out, and just install the charger cord, and it worked. now all is working fine!

Thanks for this! I was just about to buy a new laptop.
Sarah, Mary,
i've had the same problem. Did you get any answers?
it is getting frustrating! and it's a new laptop!
i have the same problem did not work when I tried 45 sec method anyone plz plz help with a different idea ...i am desprate need to sort my laptop have my presentation stuffs in it and by wednsday...
Sheer brilliance!!. My ASUS V2S laptop was dead. Vista flashed up the symbols showing it was flicking quickly between power and battery. Thought there may have been a dodgy power connection. Then a few minutes later (when battery drained)... SPLAT. Little green light on the power adaptor was on, but little orange light on laptop was not.

Battery out, power unplugged, push power button for 45 secs, battery in, power plug in... back in town!!

Thanks PEIPAUL! Due to go on holiday in 2 days, but needing laptop to stay in touch with work. You'ver set my panic to rest.
have ever back up ur files ... bcause it might be software problem before going to ur respective hardware solutions... do back up first ur datas by using an external enclosure, copy ur files to another pc then after making backups return ur hd to ur laptop & make format... for sure it will work 100% then copy ur file back to ur laptop ( note : before puting ur backup pls install antivirus first just to be sure, OK! ) Hope it works if its still desame give me a message... thanks.. butch tech php
I recieve also a ASUS LOPTOP the same problem it will shutdown after 3 seconds..the things that I need to do is to removed the battery and put it again and turn on it again..all of the sudden its workkkk...heheheheh
The cooling fan, system is over heating. You're fans (Underneath the ASUS) Take an air compressor and blow through the intake (On side or back of laptop) while the laptop is upside down (Looking down at the bottom of laptop) It usually works, but on the off chance. Your laptop may just need a whole new fan!

P.S. I had the same problem!
we have the same problem, it also didn't work for did you solve it?
I had the same problem with my Asus X51R, I tried the 45 second thing it powered up, thanks so much guys.