It says that no wifi detected...

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Hello, my laptop is fujitsu version and the problem is... when i open my laptop. It says that no wifi can ne detected... and it keeps on showimg the red X or the Plug X... So i hope that someone can hrlp me please..

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OK, so is the adaptor on? Does your laptop have an icon that lights up when the WIFI is on? Did it ever work? What changed?
The adaptor is on, and yes it does. The Wifi did work but the only thing that changes is that the wifi bar have an X and won't show any connection...
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Thank you for your response. Go into your Hardware manager and see if your PC has the hardware listed. Can you get a WIFI signal on your phone or other device to see if the wireless is broadcasting?
My laptop is sony window7 after installing norton and after restarting my laptop my wifi is off and does the light and a wifi bar with an x keeps appearibg. It say no internet conneection detected.
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Go into the hardware manager and see if it is enabled. Also , set a network location once you turn it on.