Invalid plugin detected: Adobe Reader will quit

Invalid plugin detected: Adobe Reader will quit

Plugins or other programs installed on the computer system may cause problems with the functioning of some software such as Adobe Reader. If the system says that invalid plugin is detected by Adobe Reader, the program will not be able to start. Read on to find out how to fix the issue.

If you encounter an error saying «Invalid plugin detected. Adobe Reader DC will quit» when using the Adobe Reader, don’t worry. It is very simple to fix because it is probably related to the fact that you also have a Babylon translation tool installed.

In computer systems with the Babylon translation tool installed, Adobe Reader 8.1 often quits due to an invalid plugin error. Re-installing Adobe Reader will not fix the problem. The solution is simple, you need to uninstall one of these programs.

If you need to use the Adobe Reader, temporarily uninstall the Babylon software and reinstall it when you will no longer need the Adobe Reader. Or try to find an online alternative for Babylon, such as Deepl or Google Translate.

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