Connecting 6 pcs to a lan

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i was able to connect 5 system (pcs) through ip address and network sharing but the pcs can't ping one another or connect to one another especially to the one used as server, all pcs with the same window.

system 1 (identify to be server) carries ip address
system 2 (account user) ip address
system 3 (finance manager) ip address
system 4 (store) ip address
Note: All on the same subnet

I put the window firewall and the anti-virus security off, pls what did u think i can do to rectify this network connection error

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Well,they all have to be in the same DOMAIN, or WORKGROUP!

Then if you wish to share folders or files, you need to set up shares. The shares on System 1, will have all of the profiles from every other computer as a share on it. So what this means is a network admin nightmare.

You must configure a share for the following, assuming each system has 5 users (a-e). So your share on system a would consist of:

....and so on.

Remember they all have to be in the same workgroup, or Domain if you have a DC!
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Oh, yea what O/S do they all have loaded into them?
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What IP address is your HUB/Switch?