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I haven't used folder lock in over a year. After downloading the latest version, I locked some files as I was heading to Saudi Arabia on a business trip and dread the thought of being caught with anything racy there. I added my new password, added my files, realized I was encrypting rather than locking. cancelled encryption and then switched to the Lock tab. I added my folder and closed it. when I opened it no folder and the folder is gone from my my documents directory. I read the thread about going to the folder lock folder but it didn't help. There's no folder lock folder except in program files and that's empty except for icons and an uninstall icon and some dll files. How can I recover my files and what's happened to them?

On a side note. this new version of folder lock seems to crash my PC and I get a blue screen. Why is this? However this didn't NOT happen while I was locking my files only after I was trying to search for them and I reopened folder lock.

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So you want help getting your porn back!
issue solved by uninstalling software.