FoxPro v1.02 database problem following computer crash?

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I have a twenty-year-old British CRM program called ProAction which I use daily and do not want to give up as it continues to be very useful indeed. It uses FoxPro version 1.02 and runs on a Windows XP SP3 desktop. (My "other car"

is a Windows 8 64-bit laptop, BTW, which is why I can't use ProAction on the more modern OS.)

As you will have guessed, the program is no longer supported so I am asking for your advice on how to recover database files following the XP computer's crash.

What has happened and what I have done about it is as follows:

1. On loading the program, I got a "Not a database" error message.

This had also happened many years ago, and I was given verbal support and told to use one of the files which come with the program, and it worked. Now, having stupidly lost my notes (if I ever made any), I took a guess and used FOXFIX.EXE which seemed the obvious one. This simply opens a command screen which asks if I want to overwrite FOXFIX.001. Whether you answer yes or no, nothing happens.

2. I bought DBF Recovery Toolbox and ran it.

It "recovered" a number of *.dbf files (but not others). I renamed the old *.dbf files and replaced them with the new ones.

Now, on starting the program I get "Record is not in index" message. If you continue,
"Database is not indexed. Cancel/Ignore" comes up.

If you choose "Ignore", the message says "Error 26 in program ON..." [new line] "Database is not indexed." (twice). "Details have been recorded."

3. For info, the "obvious" FoxPro files which came with the program are:

Please forgive the length of this message but I hope it gives you - who has so kindly read this far - as clear an idea of what the situation is as possible. Do please let me know if you need more info.

What would be your suggestion, please, (apart from getting a new program, of course, which would mean a huge loss of data)? Can I use any of the files listed above, for example?

I need hardly say that any advice would be very gratefully received.

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Aug 27, 2015 at 06:18 AM

Im assuming you did not have a backup of your very important computer which has vital information that you cant be without should your PC fail?
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Sep 7, 2015 at 02:53 AM
I just Googled FoxPro and the first response was called "End of Life" trying to sell you a conversion. It said "Does Visual FoxPro's end-of-life mean the end of
your software applications built on it?" and asked you to call them.