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What are the best recovery software to use for my business?


Hello, I would love it if someone could help me know which is the best data recovery software I can use for my business. I am not looking for an e...

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How can i find my trend micro serial number


How can I find my trend micro serial number

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David Webb  

Dz09 input password


Hello, please help with input password

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David Webb  

How to retrieve lost files in flash drives


Hello, Yesterday I went to the net cafe to save my typing job files and its about 7 pages. In their computer my flash drive works well and the it s...

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Cm security


Hello, I accidentally reformatted my phone without backing up cm security apps, can I recover the private photo in my vault? Are the photos wiped ou...

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How to retrieve lost files in flash drives?


I lost some important files in one flash drive. I do remember taht ive stored them,so I deleted backup from my computer. these files are significant ...

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Toshiba recovery without a cd


Hi, I have been using a Toshiba laptop from mid 2007. I don't have a recovery disc supplied with the purchase of this laptop. Instead, Toshiba has ...

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Pen drive transcend is not recognised


Hello, sir, i need micro sd card recovery free software and one pen drive of transcend is not recognising on my system please help?

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I need to reformat


wife forgot her administrator password and I need to reformat hd but am listed as user only. I have tried f8 tab to advanced options but no joy. ...

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Adobe photoshop 10


I purchased this program from Best Buy. I have had to recover my computer back to original configuration, since then, I have lost my hard copy of Ado...

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External hard drive data recovery solution


I am using asus core i7..operating system is windows 8.1.I have a external harrd drive of transcend. The properties of the drive is showing me that th...

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Opening powerpoint file problem


Hello, I'm suddenly not able to open a powerpoint file I've been working on. It tries to open it, gets about four little bars into the open, th...

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How to recover mysql database with new mysql and xbmc installati


Hoping someone can help with my problem. I recently lost my Windows 7 installation which had XBMC Eden and MySQL installed. When I say lost the ins...

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How to repair a damaged rar archive?


Hello, How to repair a damaged RAR archive? And most importantly - what? Size 3.63 GB Tried to restore directly to winrar, but does not work! An...

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Foxpro v1.02 database problem following computer crash?


I have a twenty-year-old British CRM program called ProAction which I use daily and do not want to give up as it continues to be very useful indeed. I...

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Computer won't read recovery disc


Hello, My computer crashed. It's a Toshiba Satellite Laptop A130 When I tried to use the recovery disk the thing says BOOTMGR is missing resta...

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Laptop not starting.


I have a Lenovo G500 laptop and I'm having no luck in getting it to switch on. After pressing the power button, the 'LENOVO' logo comes on the screen ...

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Lost my files


Hello, I haven't used folder lock in over a year. After downloading the latest version, I locked some files as I was heading to Saudi Arabia on a bu...

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Outlook express address book, first names disappeared


I have a client who still uses OE6 for his pop emails. For some reason SOME of the first names in his address book disappeared. That wouldn't be so b...

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Best "hardware" diagnostic downloads


Evening: I would like feedback on the best/most comprehensive downloadable software to thoroughly check/test the MoBo, CPU, VGA card and other h...

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I am having a problem trying to open a cdr file that i think it


The file still shows up in my external drive but has an icon next to it which it did not have before (a green pencil, like the icon in my program file...

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How can i get the data from the corrupted cd?


Hello, Please having an issue with a CD that has very important data in it. And now the CD is corrupted. It's really very important!! ...

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Memory card cant read by samsung mobile and pc


my memory card cant open in mobile and card reader in PC. can u help

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How to recover corrupted rar .archive?


Hi, I just downloaded a .rar archive with video data, but when I extract the .rar file using WinRAR, I received an error message: "CRC

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Recovery software for .rar files


HI all. I am looking for a FREE (at least as a time limited demo) recovery software that will enable me to find and recover a few deleted .rar files. ...

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Convert ost file to pst


How can I convert an outlook OST file from a deleted exchange account to a PST without having to spend a fortune on a some conversion software. I h...

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Compact/repair mdb files without access installed


Greetings, experts I would like to know if is posible to compact/repair a MDB file without the MS Office installed on the computer. Thanks for t...

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Micro sd format


I tried searching kioskea and google.The threads and problem were similar to mine but not exactly same as I could not find the solution for myself in ...

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Restore from .bak file issue.


First off thanks for reading, I am new to SQL (SQL Server 2000). Unfortunatley I just had the array my Data was on and my tape backup get toasted, I w...

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Autocad files corrupted


I need to recover my autocad files. Every time I try to open a .dwg file it says "drawing file is not valid". I tried to open the .bak, but it havi...

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Software to recover a corrupted ms project file


I can see the data thru ms project view and csv, but the flag that marks it a disabled item is doesn't seem to want to unflag.

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What can i do to my lost camera photos?


Do you have any idea to help me regain my camera photos? Last year, as a graduation present, I received a Nikon camera to record the left previous tim...

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Toshiba satellite laptop error 08-0a74-0000 partition creation f


My Toshiba satellite laptop recently just stopped working.. I tried restoring it back to the out of the box state by holding the power key to turn off...

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Serial number s/n.


Hello,i'm Z74101.I want to know,where i can find serial number,SN,for Sd card Recovery For Window Release 3.5.0 software that i have download in my la...

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Open files in pendrive


i cant open the files in pendrive .kindly give the steps to open files

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Toshiba satellite c660d. it needs to restored to factory setting


I have a toshiba satellite C660D. It needs to restored to factory settings as it's so slow. I have backed it up, but I don't have a restoration disk! ...

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Gateway recovery cd won't let me select recovery options


i have a gateway p7ys0/nv77h19u laptop that the hard disk had crashed. we replaced the drive and when we boot up with the gateway windows 7 home premi...

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How to recover winmend hide folder file


Hello, sir I have instaled winmend hide folder and hided a file but due to some virus problem I have to format my C drive but my folder was in D dri...

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Urgent need of a "puter-tuter"


Can anyone direct me to where I can get a "windows boot CD" free? My sister sent me her HP laptop and asked me to dump it and put it back to facto...

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How to use the recovery partition in vaio sve15113e


How to Use the Recovery Partition in VAIO SVE15113E to Get Original Factory Setting? Please Describe Step By Step

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Recovery vista on a dell inspiron 9400


Hi, After factory recovery,I have to give a username,password and an image?I did but my laptop doesn't coninue after doing this.What can I do? t...

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Zohaib R

Toshiba l300d - system recovery/bsod ?


Hello, Long story short; my Toshiba L300D laptop is screwed. Whenever I try to log into it normally, the desktop will show up for a second then ...

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What data recovery software do you suggest?


Thanks for your answers! Pc Doctor ny

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Zohaib R

Admin password


Kindly assist with admin password for dell latitude e5500 Bios is A15 Service Tag is J8JRN4J Express service Code is 417-757-961-79 Thanks

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Please help. creating second set of recovery disc hp presario


Hello, I have compaq presario CQ61-416SA notebook. I had the recovery disc , but I had lost it. I did not reformat my notebook for 2 years now. but ...

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Zohaib R

Lost my files in folder lock


I had all of my files backed up in folder lock, absolutely everything. I tried to copy and paste 1 of many folders and somehow everything has disappea...

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Want to convert ost to pst database


Hello, i want to need best OST to PST solution.. I am in trouble please friends help me if you know how to convert OST to PST... Thanks in advanc...

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Acer net book problem.


Hello, I have a problem with my Acer one ZG5 net book. I recently reset my net book and reloaded the drivers from the Acer recovery manager. After ...

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Retrieving files that were deleted in the flashdrive


Hello, How would I change the directory of my flashdrive?

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Zohaib R

How can i get a toshiba recovery cd


Hi, I own a Toshiba Satellite a105-S2141 And I cant turn the computer on any more it goes to this blue screen .... but thats not the problem ive gotte...

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