Laptop keeps dropping to limited connection but only on new WiFi

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About a month or so ago, we switched over to a new ISP, and since doing so, my laptop drops to a limited connection every five to ten minutes and won't reconnect unless I do it manually. I've tried looking up the problem, but none of the solutions I've found have helped. They've all been about making sure the "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" button is not selected, or refreshing your stacks or somethign, but I've tried all of them and am still having this problem.

We've got my laptop, a tablet computer, an android tablet, an android phone and a PS3 all connected to our new WiFi, but my laptop is the only one that keeps disconnecting, and it has to be some sort of problem with the connection itself, as it never did this with our old network, and it's just fine on my neighbor's so long as I stay within range. Because it's only my laptop, I know it's not the network, but it can't be my hardware as it doesn't disconnect from any other network.

I've got a Lenovo B570 with Windows 10, and the wireless adapter is Broadcom 802.11n, and I know all the drivers are up to date (or at least they have been every time I've checked). We're using the Bell Home Hub 2000 (standard router given with Bell)

Our old ISP was Shaw Cable, and we're now with Bell (cheaper rates...), Northern Ontario, if that makes any difference.

I really need to solve this ASAP, it's driving me crazy and preventing me from being able to work properly (I rely on the internet and ability to stream for my livelihood)

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Sep 4, 2015 at 08:20 PM
May I say that if you rely on your connection, you SHOULD NOT be using WIFI, and you SHOULD be using a cable. IF the router is yours, then make certain that you have the correct administration settings. If the router is Shaws, then call them and let them know that you cannot consume their product. If you can connect with another laptop, like windows 7 with no issues, make certain your windows ten is updated and current.

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