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 salty -
My account has completely been hijacked and i have personal information and essential information on it . Also several things are linked which are vital to me .
I have ad the account compromised and they have changed everything ,. Please help . I have tried the account recovery with no success

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Well you have placed us against the wall, as you have not given us any details concerning the provider. Have you contacted them?
last time was Sept 29th , and I dont know who would want access mmm ,. Everything has been changed .the recovery e.mail , phone number ect ect and a bizzare letter written to friends
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The best thing to do, is make the provider aware that you have lost control. It may take a little while, but they will take the matter seriously, and help out. It will NOT happen immediately. As for password security, try to choose a complex password that you will remember. Don't forget to use the Special characters like ! and ^ or |. I cannot provide any other direction but to make the provider aware ASAP!
I have made them aware ,. It helps to know that it takes time . It happened on the 29th , and I was changing my password ,. Normally do use some thing complex . Thanks for your help .
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yea, be patient! Do the math of only 1% of the users having the same problem.....
Cheers ,. Ill let the forum know what happens , Very much appreciated