HP Pavilion Screen Issue

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I was wondering if anyone could provide any assistance.

I was attempting to clean out the fan out a HP Pavilion DV6500 laptop, which requires a complete disassemble to completely access the fan. So, I started to do a full disassemble. I removed all components from the bottom of the laptop (hard drive, RAM modules, wifi chip, DVD drive.)

I then removed the keyboard and the power button cover off the top of the laptop and disconnected the three cables attached to the power button cover.

At this point, the fan is semi visible and I attempted to clean all the dust out of it without going further, using compressed air and q-tips with a bit of rubbing alcohol. There was a significant amount of dust and dirt build up in the fan.

I then re attached the cables for the power button cover and keyboard and went to power the laptop on for a test before re assembling everything else, but the screen doesn't come on at all. I tried putting the hard drive and ram chips in as well and the screen still doesn't come on.

The cables I disconnected with the power button cover aren't related to the screen I don't believe.

Is there anything I could be missing or anything else I should try?

Thank you for any assistance.

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Oct 13, 2015 at 03:32 AM
Hi StagnantSloth,

These kinds of problems appear very often when trying to clean laptops. Surely there is some cable that needs to be reconnected or a port to be cleared. Sadly, those problems may be model specific and the best thing to do is to contact the manufacturers support or visit their online community. These topics are discussed daily and you could get some useful suggestions.

Hope this helps

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Oct 13, 2015 at 04:43 AM
I would recheck all the cables have been firmly re-attached at each point. If you're able to see the cable coming from the screen to the mainboard, unplug it, blow on the contacts of both the cable and the mainboard connector then reseat the cable.

Take care to go back over all the steps you took to dis-assemble the laptop and ensure all cables are re-seated correctly.

Have you tried connecting it to an external monitor or to your TV to see if yu get a picture that way.