Format Vista HD and Reinstall XP

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Anybody Please help me!

I just bought compaq laptop with preinstalled Vista. I don't want to use Vista and would like to install XP professional. When I put CD and installed XP, it started to load some drivers and appeared 'Blue Screen'. I checked CD. CD is working very well on other computer.
I checked some forum and according to their talking, XP doesn't support SATA harddisk. Is it correct?
How can I solve this problem?

From windows Vista, I tried to format C: but it doesn't work.

I don't want to use Vista and I preferred XP professional. Help me, Please. :)

Thank you.

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first of all go to the cmos setup by pressing F2 or F8 when the logo of compaq is on ur laptop screen
then go to the system configuration option and then disable the sata mode option
then press F10 to save the changes and quit.
after that boot ur laptop fro windows xp cd and follow the instruction
Thank you

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thanxxxxxx soooooooooo much ......................... with ur ideas...............................realllllly GOD bless
thank u from GREECE u helped many people............ THANNNKKKSSSSS

hi mr, Shailesh you did big job god bless you thankyou
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you need to do some changes in the BIOS settings.
you need to change the hard disk settings from ACPI to IDE.
then you will be able to install XP.
thanks alot.
thanx for ur information....its works......
bundle of thankssss!! cheers..
Sir I f*** up my laptop. I did not google any instruction and formatted the C drive. It turns off . I cannot do anything with my laptop. It does not work. Can any 1 help me and get me back to vista.
the answer is in the bios indeed. I have new toshiba satelite A 300. by putting the hardisk in compatibility mode in stead of sata mode i could boot from windows xp cd-rom and reformat the vista hard drive with no prob
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guys i wish u lot of luck for theese comments i have spend so much credit calling to other ppl , so much time browsing net for some way of making vista->xp and now i randomly get here and saw how to solve my half day problem in 10 seconds. THANK YOU GUYS, LOTS OF LUCK.
dat happened to me....:( u need to RE-install vista a cd :(
thanks 4 the info's guys ... unfortunately my laptop is not exactly what u told on the others..
well it's just all in the bios set-up thx 4 d info.. i already troubleshoot my im using xp im formatting it right im gonna check it all if it will work a 100%....i'll keep my post updated if im done...
Hi,, I've bought a Toshiba satellite A300 With Vista Pre-installed. I seriously hate windows vista and i want Windows XP back. How did you do it with your Toshiba? And when I turn off Sata options?(dunno exactly what it does and how to do it) Will my laptop work fine/good with windows XP back on it? caus i'd rather have windows vista then a broken laptop. Please reply, or mail to me.
oh thank god for this site, i went through at Least 15 other websites and not one mentioned anything about sata, am currently installing windows XP thanks guys you're lifesavers
It's amazing site i haven't word to say about you thanks lot
erase or fix the MBR from linux live cd and than you can install...
Hello Boss you are superb.. thanks very much for posting this solution. I was struggling to get thid done.. and I tried to get BIOS settings changed for Hard disk to Compatible mode.. it works :)
it has really saved my time. I did this on Toshiba Sattalite Laptop..

Thanks a million once again .. God Bless

Thanks buddy.
hey guys I see there are a lot of compliments but does this option works for [packard bell] laptop

OK, I wish you a lovely time...
Yes, that would be interresting to know because my PackardBell's hard drive will not format with XP and I cannot recover from the PackardBell cd!? I fomatted it before because it would not start but now XP wants to repartition and format and it will not format. Still show signs of Vista Home basic or looks like it rather.
Thank Alots For This Site Owner And All My Friend.... My Toshiba Satellite L510 Now Can Use XP....
thats cd does not support your computer
thank you a lot... this site helpe me a lot