Adding more site to site VPN to a cisco router

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Dear Team

I would like to seek your quick assistance ... am not a Cisco Guru but i would like to know if i can get an assistance on how to add a VPN to an existing one. My Company has already implemented a site to site VPN with one dealer or partners where they are doing or sharing data withing them and doing some transactions , but the issue is am now about to add 2 more other company in so that i can create another VPN tunnel to each of them without breaking or disconnect the old one which is currently running . how can i do it , can anybody assist me implement this one ?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

am using Cisco 1841 version 7.

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Add the route, and give them the VPN client. IT really is that simple.

RE: Adding more site to site VPN to a cisco router.

The VPN tunnel is created over the internet public network and encrypted the use of a number of advanced encryption algorithms to offer confidentiality of the information transmitted among the 2 sites.
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OK, so the internet created the VPN? I am confused! Thank you for your input, but I am not certain this is what the OP was asking.