Formula issues with various variables

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Hello, I appreciate the time the forum are taking to view my message.

I'd very much appreciate it if someone could help me, as I'm trying to make a formula work, where it will eventually do the following. If B4 says VIC and C4 says Physio, then D4 should say 24. But also to be able to have multiple changes like if B4 says NSW and C4 says Dental, the D4 should say 58. Please, I would be thoroughly grateful if anyone would kindly be able to help, or know know if such a thing is possible?

I'd be extremely grateful and appreciative if anyone would know of a solution to my conundrum.

Sincere thanks and polite and courteous vibes to any people who could assist, in the most courteous fashion and thanking the forum in advance of a hopeful solution.

Kind regards, in hope and faith,

love Nathan


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Man, this sounds like homework. Is this home work? Are you familiar with the =IF() function?

Its syntax is such:
=IF(logic test,true,false)

"=If()" statements can be nested. So if the first logic statement is true, your COULD TEST for another true. Then, if the second test is true, then post what you like!

=IF(A1="this is:",IF(B1="an example:"," of practical usage",""),"")

Give that a try and post when you get stuck!

Have FUN! It is simple, just do IT!

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