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I work for a planning company where we submit lots of applications to do with housing. Different application types have different lengths until decision and completion so I want something like the following for each row:

If submission date=mmddyy and cell=application type 1 then decision date = 21 days later and completion date = 30 days later.

Assume I need an IF statement and a VLOOKUP but not really sure. Any help would be awesome!

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One can accomplish this with a nested if statement. The syntax for If is as follows:
=IF(logic_test,true, false)

So, with that, we can test for two truths as in:

Then, in the Completion date column, you have this:

That should cascade entries based on whether the Cell "cell_value_for_date_inst_blank", having a value!

I hope this has helped. It is the most simplest form and is not pretty by any means!

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