Power button won't work properly [Solved/Closed]

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The power button on my ASUS TP500LA-AB53T laptop won't work properly. I have to press the power button on anywhere from 6 to 12 times and holding the power button down anywhere from 1 to 10 seconds and finally after trying several times the laptop will finally power on and this happens even after placing the laptop in sleep mode and I try to wake it up. Is this a hardware problem or a software problem? Any suggestions are greatly welcome. Thank you.
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Remove the battery from laptop and connect the power adapter directly and then try to switch on the laptop and let us know how power button works now.
Thanks for your response. Unfortunately I could not follow your suggestion because my laptop does not have a removable battery unless you remove the entire back which I rather not do. Someone else suggested to unplug the power cord hold the power button for seconds and then plug the power cord back end and restart the computer. This fixed my problem. Now my computer starts every time with just one touch of the power button. Thanks anyway.