Drop Down List and Auto copy data based on date in cell to anoth

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I need help fast. I'm not the resident expert my boss think I am apparently. Excel 2010. I imported info from a Word Perfect document which is almost useful. The dates copied one date less and other cells have to be entered manually but I can deal with that.

I need to 1) create a drop box. I've read every site I can find but its over my head how to do it. Just a simple drop down arrow by a cell that gives the person a few options, and they must choose one. I also need that drop down arrow box to be in every cell in that column, and I have many many columns that go to the right that this will be the case.

Also, in my worksheet two, I need to be able to have a date column that when a person enters a date in a row in that column, the information in that row automatically copies to a 3rd worksheet.

I am stumped and have very little time to complete this. Help?


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Mar 8, 2016 at 03:28 PM
Ok, you make the Drop down object and load a range into it.

You should be presented with this:

Have fun!

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