SD CARD is not detecting

pranita - Mar 18, 2016 at 04:42 AM
 dheep - Mar 19, 2016 at 05:50 AM
My 2gb SD card is not detecting on my computer. Previously it used to detect but whenever I try to open it says like every time format the disk. But even doing formatting was not possible. So I left that but now my another memory card is also not working and as usual it says format. But that's not happening. I tried cmd process but it say RAW file can't be done. So I tried
EaseUS data recovery software, 4card recovery, mp3 Data recovery softwares to convert the RAW file to FAT32 . so is there any way to convert on cmd process?
So please help me and mail me the procedures to repair my both MEMORY CARD.

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follow these steps

my computer->system property->device manager->portable devices(you may see the pen drive which u are connected or right click on the portable device-> scan for hard ware change) .

detailed explanation
step 1) go to my computer
step 2) click SYSTEM PROPERTIES at the top
step 3) under control panel home click DEVICE MANAGER
step 4) click PORTABLE DEVICES ( u can see u r removable disk or right click on the portable device select SCAN FOR HARDWARE CHANGE ,now u can see the hardware which is connected in u r pc)