Some of my system apps are no more working the way they should

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Saturday March 26, 2016
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May 27, 2016
 fredrick8 -
I removed media storage and package access apps with Kingroot.
And now some of my system apps are no more working the way they should.
I try to reset the phone and also removed king root but I can't have them back.
And I can't even install any apk in I can't even download an update of any apps even the update are available I can't even download a single file on the internet..
Please help me.
(proline tablet PC. M7853GDC)

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Wednesday October 8, 2008
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June 15, 2019
I found the following hard reset instructions:

I found a different set of directions.
1. Power the Tablet off.
2. Press and hold the Volume Down button of the device, then press and hold the Power button.
3. Continue to hold both buttons until a bootloader screen appears.
4. Wait for the prompt that says to "Press <VOL_UP>" then press the Volume Up button to start the process.
5. Navigate to Erase content.
I tryed that several times but nothing change. Is there anything else I can do...?