Computer won't read my 2g Micro SD Card

dae - Apr 29, 2009 at 04:44 PM
 johnny boy - Jul 1, 2017 at 03:13 PM
My friend gave me a new 2g Micro SD Kingston card along with a usb adapter. However when I plug it in to my usb port my computer doesn't recognize it. It says that nothing is in the port. This is really frustrating and I have no idea what to do. please help. Thank you!

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  • Press Start/Then Point Mouse On My Computer/Then Right click it so a list comes out/Then Go On Manage/ The Press Disk Management. Presto it should be there cool now heres the fork on the road....
  • If Partition is there... Partition it to fat16 or Fat32 (see if you can partition it that means that sd card was speaking a different language to your comp, common problem between mac and windos products)

If there is no partition and instead there is format... Quick format it to Fat32 or 16..
Very Very simular to wat I did and it worked,nice work.
Dear all

I just had the same problem like you guys few minutes ago when I tried to plug my SD memory card into a memory card reader. But when I foun that it wouldn't read I tried other memory cards and they all work. So I started to think it was fault when. But when I repluged it into my phone it works perfectly so I started to wonder what I did to my memory card.... Then I remembered I put a password to lock it! so then I remved my password and then !walla! my memory card works again!

hello david!
thanx alot.u solved my problem.imy mem card was also not working in any card ur msg,deleted my p.word.n its woking now.thanx alot. may Allah bless u.
how do you take the password off your SD card? i'm having the same problem... when I put my SD card into my computer nothing comes up... but when I put it in my camera all my pictures are there.
thanks alot david.. you really helped me out may allah bless you too.
hey thxs david ,,you no wat I hv wasted my 100 bucks on this thhg finally u game me solution... thxs brooooo.....that was g8
i unlocked the password on my phone but then when I plug the usb, which I inserted the card into, into my computer the computer still says "insert disk into drive" what do I do now
Firstly one must understand exactly how a memory card works. It stores blocks of binary information in 'clusters'.
In the original SD format it stores 4096 clusters with up to 512 blocks, each block containing 512 bytes of information. This gave a card capacity of 4096 x 512 x 512 = 1 Gigabyte. These cards typically came pre-formatted to the FAT-16 file system with the MBR partition scheme. This meant that any computer or host type device would recognise them through a card reader.

With the advent of high capacity cards the block capacity was increased from 512 bytes to 1024 and 2048 giving a capacity of 4096 x 2048 x 2048 = 32 Gigabytes, and these cards can only be formatted to the FAT-32 file system.

For this reason an SD card reader will not recognise the data stream from a SDHC card. The situation is being further complicated because there is now an XC (extended capacity) card on the market which has a capacity of 2 terabytes 2048 Gigabytes but this is at present being limited to 64 gigabytes by the SD 2.0 documentation.

If you wish to use an SDHC card you must have an SDHC card reader. The reader will access the information so the computer can handle it.

The first thing you must do when you purchase your SDHC card and SDHC card reader is to format the card to the FAT32 file system otherwise you will not get the rated capacity out of the card. Also, under no circumstance do a defragmentation on the card. All the clusters are equally accessible so there is no need and you will only wear the card out quicker.....remember these cards have a finite life and the more you re-write them the sooner they will wear out.
hope that helps
so, I bought a 32gb SDHC and I really wanted to use it with a linux-like file system, like ext2. Isn't it possible to mimic fat32 functioning in ext2 so I can use it?
Is there anyway to save the pics.
Yes it helps, I LOVE YOU MAN ...
Jun 9, 2010 at 11:11 AM
Turn on your camera while it's plugged in. it worked for me

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Just goto CMD Dos Prompt and for unhiding all Files and Folders use the following command
attrib /s /d -r -a -s -h

Thats it and all your files and folders will be BACK as they were, plus a couple of folders which are virus folders, will also be visible now. In the future use a good anti virus to protect ur system like Kaspersky

this worked perfectly for me thanks for the help!