Can I restore data after deleting in nokia

kiran - May 5, 2009 at 11:08 PM
 venki - May 4, 2011 at 09:52 AM

Can I restore my data from nokia phone where all data got deleted is there any way to get my data back ?

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For deleted photos and screwed up file systems u can get test disk and PhotoRec, which is completely free and works great on almost any operating system available today.........
yes you can..

(i) Using the *#7780# sequence.

It will restore ini files from ROM keeping all your data (themes, 3rd party applications, video, photos, and music files)

(ii) Using the *#7370# sequence.

Completely format phone memory. Default files are cleaned up and rewritten.

Note that data found on memory card will not be altered

Note: When using symbian60 v1 based phone such as nokia 7650, 3650 or N gage models these two key sequences can be entered in the same way you dial up a phone number. The phone will prompt you to enter a security code (12345 by default).

On the latest S60 phones you can try a Deep Reset, using the following steps

Turns off the phone

Press simultaneously on the green/talk, 3 and* keys and hold the 3 keys.

Turn on your phone

Wait for the onscreen Format message then can release the three keys

This method may also work for Nokia phones that won't turn on.

Note that before making a reset on Nokia's latest phone (N96),using the *#7370# or the 3 finger method, better make a backup, as you will automatically delete important data:
The license for pre-loaded contents (music, video, maps,etc..) and pre-installed application (N-gage).
Better use this method (reset) as a last resort.

your a legend.

I tried (i) Using the *#7780# sequence. It did change the phone format pobably back to original setting. My problem was that i deleted all notes on my calander and desperately needed them back for work. The format you gave did work but only did not restore any further back than 2 months on the calander. is that wierd???

I was reluctant to use the (ii) Using the *#7370# sequence. As you noted this will ...Completely format phone memory. Default files are cleaned up and rewritten. AND...Note that data found on memory card will not be altered. I dont have a great understanding of these things.

I didnt fully understand sequence (ii). Can you confirm if i do sequence (ii) it may restore ALL deleted notes from calander and not delete anything else or give a complete reset. As i dont have the facitlity to back up first. No USB cable available.

many thanks... what a releif to get any info back on the phone.

your fantastic
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Nov 17, 2009 at 02:32 PM
Is there a way to recover past numbers dialled on a Nokia 2610.
Ok what about the Nokia E66?

I had tyoed in the #7370# ? and nothing? what else can I do?

Please advise I am hoping to get my messages back
will your restore trick work on my blokes fone to retrieve txt's and calls as i think he is hiding something and do i just put in the sequence for it to rstore (not good with fone tech) needs to be simple and spelt out but hope you can help thanks
You're amazing~!!

Anyway~ Will sequence *#7780# restore the photos from 3 days ago because I accidentally deleted it and wanna restore it back desperately~... And after I enter the sequence, will it delete my newest photos and change entirely my photos to the old ones~?? Or it will just restore my old photos and my newest photo will be fine~??
This is absolutely ridiculous. Recovering data does not mean restoring from the recycle bin. The data can most certainly be recovered (but that depends if you've rewritten the storage device). Just search for proper data recovery software (mention for memory cards). Try TestDisk