Can I restore data after deleting in nokia

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Can I restore my data from nokia phone where all data got deleted is there any way to get my data back ?

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For deleted photos and screwed up file systems u can get test disk and PhotoRec, which is completely free and works great on almost any operating system available today.........
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yes you can..

(i) Using the *#7780# sequence.

It will restore ini files from ROM keeping all your data (themes, 3rd party applications, video, photos, and music files)

(ii) Using the *#7370# sequence.

Completely format phone memory. Default files are cleaned up and rewritten.

Note that data found on memory card will not be altered

Note: When using symbian60 v1 based phone such as nokia 7650, 3650 or N gage models these two key sequences can be entered in the same way you dial up a phone number. The phone will prompt you to enter a security code (12345 by default).

On the latest S60 phones you can try a Deep Reset, using the following steps

Turns off the phone

Press simultaneously on the green/talk, 3 and* keys and hold the 3 keys.

Turn on your phone

Wait for the onscreen Format message then can release the three keys

This method may also work for Nokia phones that won't turn on.

Note that before making a reset on Nokia's latest phone (N96),using the *#7370# or the 3 finger method, better make a backup, as you will automatically delete important data:
The license for pre-loaded contents (music, video, maps,etc..) and pre-installed application (N-gage).
Better use this method (reset) as a last resort.
i have a NOKIA go phone model: 2610 b. my boyfriend has the exact same phone. his phone is slightly older by a few months. the ringer stopped working and he was getting calls for a job and so we switched sim cards so he could use my phone with his number and hear it ring. now the phone is saying "smart chip registration failed", it still won't ring, can recieve but not send text messages, i had to set up the voice mailbox again, and it cuts off the call literally in one minute intervals. sometimes when i call the phone i don't even hear a ring back on my end. the other phone that has my sim card in it is working just fine. what's the deal? are they made to poop out so you have to go buy another one every year? is mine on the verge of death? can it be reset?

I have a Nokia E61 and a fews days ago it fell down and now display is not working, and i have all of my contacts inside, and i have tried to get them using data cable, but it was not responded, so here i wanna ask is there any way to get them again.

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i had formatted my n70 nokia....and lost my msgs obviously....but before format, i copied msgs to memory card...and now they are visible on memory card but how can i copy them to phone memory?? any way?? plz help!! i.d; Email Id removed for security
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i deleted my photos and videos will it be in my hard drive if yes i want it back.My phone is nokia 2630
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hi!!!! i have nokia 5233 and i need to recover data stored in NOTES!!!

plz can ny1 help???????
This is absolutely ridiculous. Recovering data does not mean restoring from the recycle bin. The data can most certainly be recovered (but that depends if you've rewritten the storage device). Just search for proper data recovery software (mention for memory cards). Try TestDisk